In recent times, we have seen a lot of problems in the torrent communities. Some of the torrent sites have been either shut down by authorities or just ceased their operations, like the torrent search engine torrentz.eu. The problem often lies with IP’s that are public and most of the torrent users don’t hide their identity, except maybe for the major seeders.

But there is a new way of sharing information. Demonsaw is an application that protects the identity of its users. The IP’s are not visible and to top it all off, there is no login info to input when launching the application, except (optional) for a user name. Demonsaw is not a P2P per say, it’s a meshed based network that is protected by multiple layers of encryption. Anonymity is very important for Eijah, founder of Demonsaw. We also have users creating different themes for the application. With all traffic passing through routers, it looks just like normal web traffic. Nobody can tell that information is being shared!

You can also create your own router and have your very own private community!!

The present version is 3.0 but as of today, a new beta version is available; 3.0.1 that fixes a few bugs. View the list below provided by Eijah:

* add md5 to group* add pm to main chat (always)
* only go to valid upload routers?
* If xfr router exists in client & router, use client version (don’t duplicate) – this allows for groups
* select inside a folder bug
* fixed transfer router crash due to nullptr
* check for nullptr on get_owner & get_parent() & self
* fix transfer router weirdness on dload/uload
* file hash doesn’t save out
* threads should only be used for io_service stuff
* service threads should match max sockets in msg & xfr service_comp (aren’t doing this now). set_threads when reading in xfr toml & in join (msg xfr routers). remove service threads + 1?
* xfr threads not saving to toml
* switching groups should clear chat
* remove client should quit router
* 0 size files should still transfer
* tabbed floating window UI distinction from upper right buttons
* Fixed transfer router problem with matching & sorting
* uploads that didn’t start not timing out?. stuck-in-queue-at-0%-forever bug

According to Eijah, we will see new features like VOIP and the likes in future versions of the application!

You can download the application at: demonsaw.com