Ubuntu Studio is a variant of the Ubuntu OS and it is designed for audio, video and graphic enthusiasts as well as professionals. For audio, visit this page to find out more on all the apps already installed in that distro of Linux. For graphics applications, visit this page. For video applications, visit this page. This Linux distribution also comes with photography and publishing applications that are essential for multimedia projects.

I recommend at least 4Gb of ram to run this OS. The 3D application Blender really take a lot of resources so if you have an older computer with less ram memory, maybe this distro is not for you.  This writer has tried this OS on a Dell computer (tower) with 4Gb of ram and it worked like a charm.

It is preferable to download the 14.04 version (LTS) because it has a 3 year support, unlike the 15.10 version that only offers 9 months support for updates. A new LTS is released every two years.

Download Linux Studio