1.  A Linux operating system is free. You can install the same image on many computers, doesn’t matter how many you have, so the savings are substantial.

2. Most of the Linux distros include a software center so you don’t need to search the web to get the apps you need.software center

3.  Live boot cd’s/DVD’s are useful. You can try the downloaded version of Linux before installing it on your hard drive. You can also have the option to create a dual partition on your  hard drive, having Windows on one partition and Linux on the other. Very practical if you want to keep both.

4. Drivers are included so you don’t need to install any of them. It’s plug and play magic!

5. Linux is more secure than any other operating system. Security is at the core of the Linux kernel so you can safely use your computer without worrying about any malware or viruses.

6. A Linux distribution comes with thousands of free apps. If there not available in the software center, they can be downloaded and installed in terminal.

7. Community support for Linux distros is incredible. Most have forums with dedicated members helping out with questions users may have.

8. The freedom of choice is one of the best reasons why you should switch to a Linux OS. Pick your flavor according to your specific needs. And of course, it’s always free!

9. You can give a second life to old PC’s/laptops you have with a lightweight Linux distribution.

10. Most of the Linux distributions offer long term support (LTS)  versions for their software. You can manage the updates to meet your specific needs.