As I sit here testing out the DS 4 (will be using this instead of typing out Demonsaw every time) alpha and chatting with all my friends on DS 3, I am very happy. The future of DS looks very bright!  Why is it looking good you might ask? DS 4 is going to be great because of 2 reasons that I will now get into.

  1. Time and people. The DS 4 development cycle has started already and is making great progress, as you can see by eijah’s frequent tweeting of working screenshots. DS 3 didn’t have as much time as DS 4 does, but the real difference here is the people. DS 4 has the newest programmer Cameron (usually referred to as cam or cammy) working full time on the project. Cameron works mainly on the UI/UX and does the “little” but extremely important things. I dare you to look at this screenshot and not tell me that is way fucking better than DS 3 or even DS 2 for that matter. The larger group of alpha testers and the extra person to bounce idea’s off of when programming makes DS 4 far better in almost every possible way.
  2. The second reason why DS 4 will be great, is that it takes all of the lessons learned and community feedback and really builds upon it.  The biggest change to DS 4 is the UI. Lots of people have made comments about the UI in DS 3 so Eijah and team changed it up to made it a lot easier to use. I quite like the new UI. It is pretty similar to a firefox browser which should provide a small learning curve to newcomers. Another new feature of DS 4 is chat rooms!!! A long called for feature that will allow people to talk about the things they want to talk about by simply joining or making a new chat room without having to make a whole new group. As you can imagine having 20 plus people trying to have multiple conversations in one channel can be difficult. The ability to learn from mistakes and areas were improvements can be made speaks very loudly about the quality of developer(s) behind the software.

If you would like to know how the current DS 4 dev cycle is going then feel free to check out the trello (a feature tracker software) for DS here: https://trello.com/b/nDXC8ilb/demonsaw. We will also be having our monthly community meeting Feb 26th, 2017 6pm EST. Join the DS 3 community server that day and the meeting details will be announced multiple times.

Also I will now (exclusive, never before talked about) talk a little bit about one of my favorite features. That feature is verified users. Now I can’t say too much about it but it is a way for the server owner to verify users that he knows to be those users. It doesn’t include any admin powers or anything like that (so no kicking or banning users if you piss off a verified user). It is pretty much what it sounds like. Verified users. “That person that says he is eijah. He is verified so therefore he must be the actually eijah”. Of course Verified users would be a terrible idea if it somehow synced between servers, but luckily you can control it 100% server side, so even if the real eijah or cammy joined your server, they will not be verified unless you, the server owner, verified them. If I make my own DS server and call my client eijah and verify it, then it would look to be the real eijah client. You would have to trust the person(s) running the DS server in the first place in order to trust if the people that are verified really those people. The process of verification is not final and that would be giving away all the fun if I told you the secret behind it 😛


That was a little teaser to make you excited to come to the community meeting Sunday Feb 26th, 2017 at 6pm EST. More info about DS 4 and the future will be revealed. Come with questions and excitement. The future is coming folks.



Edit 2/22/17: Fixed grammar and made some concepts clearer