It is now well known that surveillance on the part of governments is increasing exponentially. Ever since the Snowden revelations back in 2013, people started to search for ways to protect themselves from the prying eyes and ears of agencies such as the NSA, GCHQ and all of the other agencies that are spying on us. Recently, the House of Lords in the UK has approved a bill that increases surveillance on its citizens, which is disturbing news to say the least.

End to end encryption is also being attacked by many politicians, especially in the US and the UK. Since the recent election in the US, there has been an increase in downloads for Signal, an encrypted messenger application, which was recently recommended by Ed Snowden. Even though it is claimed that no information is stored, it still relies on centralized servers, which could ultimately be compromised.

Fortunately, there are brilliant programmers like Eijah, the founder of Demonsaw and CTO of MGT Capital Investments, Inc. that created what could be called a revolutionary way to communicate and share information securely and anonymously, without fear of consequence. Demonsaw is totally decentralized and fully encrypted. All messages and information go through routers so it’s not a P2P application. Eijah’s response in a recent interview on what Demonsaw is: “Basically what Demonsaw is, it’s half way between a secure private cloud and a secure VPN.”

Recently, Eijah tweeted his intention to create a messenger app for Android and Ios, which is based on the Demonsaw technology. The app should be ready by mid-December. The first Alpha build went live today. Yours truly was fortunate to try it out and so far, it looks very good! What is most awesome about this new app is the fact that it’s totally decentralized! No logs, no databases, in other words, the way it should be!

Decentralization is the future and the key when thinking privacy. We all have the fundamental right to communicate privately and that’s exactly what the Demonsaw technology brings us.

Watch the video below, as Eijah explains the future of social networking.

Eric "Eijah" Anderson Discusses the Future of Social Networking from MGT Capital Investments on Vimeo.