In recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in awareness regarding the total spying game on citizens from around the globe, especially in the US. Ed Snowden and even Wikileaks gave us great insights on how Government agencies are gathering data from ISP’s and telephone companies. This data collection was recently declared illegal by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and declared that the NSA Bulk Data Collection Was Never Authorized By Congress.

Fortunately, a new game changer has landed. Today, Eric “Eijah” Anderson, the founder of Demonsaw has officially announced the Promether platform. On the new website, very important information is available via their white paper. Here’s an excerpt:

The Promether Platform is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN). Based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing, it allows you to create any type of network to meet your specific needs simply by deploying and configuring a series of reusable software components. Powered by a flexible and adaptive architecture, centralized, decentralized, distributed, mesh-based, and hybrid network topologies are all supported.

In addition, the Promether platform offers end to end encryption which allows for devs to concentrate on features for their applications instead of worrying about security vulnerabilities. Promether is also free and open source and open infrastructure. “You control the code and how the network is configured and deployed”.

Privacy is finally coming back. The Promether platform is definitely the best project since the birth of internet. It will allow for any application to run through the platform in total anonymity. It will also render the collection of data obsolete because of the multiple levels of encryption. Promether can also bypass any type of anti-privacy tools like Government firewalls, proxies and more!

More detailed technical white papers will soon be available on the Promether website. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for more information coming soon!

 Please visit  https://promether.com. This is definitely something we all need to pay attention to.