The future is looking bright for everyone, thanks to the Demonsaw technology. A few day ago, version 3.1 final came out. The levels of encryption and the anonymity are great! The routers that are used to transfer messages and files serve as sort of a middle man, which is why no IP is visible and all the traffic is encrypted.

The private group feature is also nice because the encryption is even stronger. But the best part is coming in Demonsaw version 4 which will be out before the next DefCon (summer 2017). We’ll then be able to pass all of our web browsing directly through Demonsaw and it will be totally encrypted. It will also allow full encryption of our emails!

Other features such as VoiP and file sync will also be added and the need for 3rd party cloud services will not be needed anymore. We’ll be able to host our own files without having to pay big corporations that take advantage of us, by charging ridiculous sums of money for that service.

Eijah, the founder of Demonsaw, has provided very insightful hints on his twitter account  as well as in the interviews he’s been on. Yours truly recommends the readers to follow him if you have a twitter account. It is time for us to take back control over our data as well as taking back our privacy. I have been using Demonsaw on a daily basis for a while now and let me tell you, it’s the best piece of software i have ever used.

Demonsaw is available for multiple platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac. You can download it on demonsaw.com. You can also get more information on docs.demonsaw.com

~ teklordz