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Dec16, 2017

GNOME 3.27.3 Brings More Meson Ports, Redesign To DConf Editor

Mozilla Says It is Raising Privacy Awareness By Violating Privacy of Users

LXLE Review: A Hassle-free Linux for Older Hardware

FreeBSD-Based TrueOS 17.12 Focuses on Faster Boot, Bhyve and LibreSSL Support

Canonical Releases Small Kernel Patch for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Fix a Regression

Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” KDE and Xfce Editions Officially Released, Download Now

antiX MX-17 Linux OS Brings Latest Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 “Stretch” Updates

Debian-Based Slax 9.3 Linux OS Enters Beta with Improved EXT4 and NTFS Booting

GNOME 3.28 Desktop Environment Gets Third Development Snapshot, More Meson Ports

Parrot Security 3.10 Ethical Hacking OS Adds Full Firejail/AppArmor Sandboxing

Dec15, 2017

This Week in Open Source News

Top 5 Linux Music Players

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 18.3 “KDE”, “Xfce”

Distribution Release: MX Linux 17

LXLE Review: A Hassle-free Linux for Older Hardware

ZFS On Linux 0.7.4 Brings Linux 4.14 Support, Fixes

Dec14, 2017

How to Install and Use Encryptpad on Ubuntu 16.04

IPv6 Auto-Configuration in Linux

Peeking into your Linux packages

KDE Applications 17.12 Lands with Dolphin Enhancements, HiDPI Support for Okular

10 Best Linux Business Apps

Today’s net neutrality vote – an unsurprising, unfortunate disappointment

Systemd 236 Brings Support For LUKS2 Encrypted Partitions, New Options

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