Yours truly has been using Linux for a long time. The community support for the Linux distributions is awesome, unlike closed/proprietary operating systems like Windows. Forums and IRC channels are available for anyone who has questions regarding the free Linux distribution they just installed. Furthermore, most of the software is free and/or open source. There are hundreds of distributions to choose from, and installing Linux has never been easier.

Also, many Linux distributions now offer different desktop environment to choose from, and sometimes all in the same ISO file, which means that a user can decide which one he wants during the installation process. The Ubuntu family is probably the most appealing for new users for it’s the most user friendly. Ubuntu is based on the very solid Debian OS.

Even gamers are now switching to Linux thanks to software such as Steam and Play on Linux. On a personal note, i am not a gamer but i know a few people who are now gaming on Linux and they just love it!. There are more and more games available for the Linux OS. Openarena, which is based on Quake III is an example.

When you download a Linux OS, you can install it on as many machines as you want, there are no restrictions. Many distributions also offer live CD option, in order for someone to test-drive the distribution before installing it. You can also install Oracle Virtual Box and test different Linux distributions. Linux is also very powerful for software programmers and developers. Over 90% of super-computers run on Linux.

Security is also important while using an operating system. Linux is the most secure of them all. You don’t even need an antivirus because there is no viruses or malware on Linux. A good idea is to activate the firewall, but that’s all you need to do! Another great advantage is that drivers are automatically installed, even for you printers! So installing Linux is very fast, usually under 30 minutes. It’s plug and play magic!

Make the switch today!

~ teklordz