Yours truly has been using Linux for a long time. Many have asked me why, and i always answer the same thing: For security. I knew that the Windows OS was very weak in that department and this is the main reason i converted to Linux. In the early days of using Linux, compatibility with hardware was not optimal but i continued using it. Nowadays, compatibility is not an issue anymore. Over the years, i have tried hundreds of different distributions and i still continue to this day.

In 2001, i started my own business as a PC technician. I worked from my 4 bedroom apartment in Montreal. I took 2 rooms and converted them into a shop. It started slowly but as time progressed, i got more and more customers bringing their computers for repairs and updates. I have made a lot of money removing viruses and malware from computers, and all my customers were Windows users. I converted some of my customers to the Linux OS but most of them were scared to make the transition.

I soon started getting commercial contracts which was very lucrative. Most servers i installed were on Linux, for obvious reasons. 90% of super computers on the planet run Linux. The best hackers in the world (White hats, grey hats and black hats) are Linux users. It just makes sense to ditch Windows and transit to Linux. Many people i talk to are so disappointed in the new Windows10 and wish they could use an alternative.

Today, many Linux distributions are very user friendly. The transition is very easy and online support is amazing. There are communities of Linux users who are ready to help out when a Linux user is having issues/questions. But the best part of it is that most of the software is free and open source. If you have a specific Windows program that you want to use on your Linux OS, it can be done with the help of a software called Wine.

Here’s a couple of distributions that are user friendly and provide an easy to use interface.

~ teklordz

Chalet OS

Linux Mint