LMMS (Linux Multi Media Center) is a wonderful free software that lets you create beautiful music and incredible beats. It’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Yours truly discovered this by accident while browsing on YouTube. It reminds me a bit of Fruity Loops. You can create awesome stuff in there. There are many tutorials on YouTube. I started experimenting with it, and it’s just incredible. Here’s a sample of a demo song included in the software.


Click here to visit the LMMS website

For Linux users, the .deb is present (for any Debian based Distros) but you can also install in terminal. You will find the commands on the download page. The website will detect what OS you’re running.

What is cool about this software is that you can even plug a midi keyboard to produce music. Look at the video below, it’s the first in a series of tutorial on how to use the software.