Marius Nestor

Marius Nestor, Senior editor at softpedia.com

The following is my interview with Marius Nestor, senior editor at softpedia.com

“What can I say? I like Linux a lot and I love Softpedia even more, since early 2005, when I joined the team. You can witness my hard work on the Linux section and the corresponding news category. I’m a huge supporter of the open source ideology and community.

My journey into the wonderful world of open source began somewhere in the year 2000, when I bought my first PC and installed Mandrake Linux 8.2 (now known as Mandriva) and Red Hat 6.2 from CDs found in a local Linux magazine.

Since then, I’ve tested hundreds of Linux distros and even some BSD flavors. I am a “self-taught” person, and my current goal is to “coach” others in the ways of Linux, brining them all the hot news and apps.

My favorite distro and main operating system is Ubuntu, which I use daily both at work and at home. In my spare time I like to think a little more different, and discover the Mac OS X operating system.”

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