I discovered a great way to customize my very own Linux distribution very easily. While building a Linux distro from scratch is possible, it’s a lot of work. But when you download a ready made Linux distro, it often comes with non essential software that you’ll likely never use.

The SUSE studio website offers the possibility to custom build your own Linux distribution with the apps that you want and need. The first step is to sign in/create an account then you can start building your own distribution (I sign in with my Twitter account).  That will bring you to your home page. You then click on “Create new appliance”. Choose a base template and select your architecture. (32 or 64 bit) You then change the name of your appliance if you wish to do so and click on “Create appliance” at the bottom of the page.

*Note: The Open Suse Leap 42.1 is only available for 64 bit systems.

Now click on the software tab and add whatever apps you need and click on “add” option for every app you select. There is a search box available or you can browse in the different categories. When you’re done adding the apps, you can click on configuration tab and select your preferences. Then click on the Build tab and select the format (drop down menu) live cd/dvd iso as well as the “preload ISO”. The live cd/dvd option will allow you to test drive your distro to make sure you like it.  The preload ISO is used to do physical installation on hard drives. After the appliance is built, a download link will appear. You download the ISO and burn it on a blank cd/dvd or bootable usb stick. Below is a couple of screenshots i took while trying my distro (live boot). My personal choice was a Gnome desktop environment…

Screenshot from 2016-03-06 21_04_40

Screenshot from 2016-03-06 21_18_12