Here’s a basic tutorial for those who wish to start gaming on Linux. You can use Steam, configure Wine or install PlayonLinux.  The Steam platform is the easiest but the number of game compatible with Linux is somewhat limited. If you use Wine (which is found on most Linux distribution), you can install a PC game without any problems, as long as the video card is strong enough and that you have enough ram to run the game.

Play on Linux is much easier to use than Wine as far as installs are concerned. View the screenshot below.


The installation for PlayOnLinux is quite easy. Just choose you distribution and follow the instructions. It is however in many Software managers, like for example on Linux Mint.


As soon as the games i ordered from Ebay arrive, i will make a video that shows how to install games step by step. Here’s the first video i made today regarding the Ebay orders.

~ teklordz