The founder of Demonsaw, Eric “Eijah” Anderson, released a new Android application called Enigma last night. He was a guest on The Crypto Show for the official announcement.

2 programmers (Eijah and Cameron) and 6 weeks is all it took for this project, which is in this writers opinion, very very fast! Enigma is a decentralized messenger app powered by the Demonsaw technology. You can communicate in the public chat, send private messages to your friends and even create private groups and select your own security settings. There is an option to choose a user-name but it’s not required. There are no logs of any kind and no password is needed. Multiple levels of encryption are present and all messages are tunneled through a message router so your IP is not visible. Security and privacy is very important for Eijah.

You can even create your very own network by setting up your own router. Instructions will soon be available on Eijah’s website. Enigma will soon be available in the Play Store  but in the meantime, you can download it directly on http://eijah.com

Best of all, it’s free and there is no annoying ads.  You will find below a few tweets from Eijah.