Eijah, the founder of Demonsaw, has announced the release of the Demonsaw source code under an MIT license!!  The announcement was made tonight during the monthly community Mumble meeting for Demonsaw users. The source code is now available on GitHub.

Eijah also confirmed his presence as a speaker at HackMiami hosted from May 19th to May 21st. The title of his presentation will be “The cloud is a lie”. He also talked about his presence at Defcon25 and the release of the new Enterprise app (name still undisclosed) on July 27, operating under the umbrella of his new company. The name of the company also has not yet been disclosed but is expected to be in the coming weeks.

Many questions were asked during the meeting and Eijah answered to the best of his abilities. He did not however go into specifics about the features of the new application. These details will however be released on or before July 27. He also assured the Demonsaw users that a free version of the new app will be available for individuals (non-profit use). For corporations, there will be licensing fees, still to be determined. Individuals will also have the option to upgrade to the Enterprise version by purchasing a license. The Enterprise version will have a larger feature set availabe.