Eijah, the founder of Demonsaw, had an important update today (July 27) on demonsaw.com with the release of the all new Demonsaw 4, Titan edition. The website has an entire new look, and DS4 is available for Linux, Windows and OSX.  There is also the router available for download. This router allows you to setup your own private network.

This new version is much better than the latest Demonsaw 3.2 version. Faster, more polished and as safe as ever. Also new on the demonsaw website, a link to the github account for Demonsaw. Eijah has open sourced version 1, 2 and 3 of DS as well as the Android version, under MIT license!!

Eijah is presently at Defcon 25 in Las Vegas. The launch party for DS4 Titan edition is taking place at the moment of writing this blog post.

Eijah has a big project in preparation. More information will become available in the next couple of weeks. It’s really nice that we have this new version of Demonsaw. According to Eijah, it’s exactly what he had in mind 4 years ago. Also, another website has been created to explain the new app in detail;  Titan.wiki

Make sure to follow him on his twitter account for more updates!