This is an article about “The Curious Case of D-Vasive”. It includes the timeline of D-Vasive and some aftermath to what happened to the “Real Time Anti-Spy” app that was partially owned by John McAfee and MGT.

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Time Line

June 2014: D-Vasive is started by John Clore

Before Jan 15th 2015: John McAfee’s company, Future tense control, was signed on at 30% for “Marketing”

Nov 11th 2015: John Clore goes on Life Is People

Nov 23rd 2015: John Clore goes on the Crypto Show

May 9th 2016: MGT Capital agrees to acquire D-Vasive

Oct 20th 2016: MGT comments about being De-listed. The deal to acquire D-Vasive, under the terms voted on fail.

March 6th 2017: John Clore releases a video about the aftermath of the MGT “deal”. (Backup video on Vimeo here)


After Math

A day after the video went up on D-Vasive’s facebook page, D-Vasive has seemingly been wiped off the map. Every mention of them has been wiped away.


Facebook: gone.

Twitter: gone. Archive here.

MGT Site: gone. Archive here.

MGT Site under “technologies”: gone. Archive here.

Amazon Product page: gone. Archive here.


The only places where D-Vasive was not wiped away (as of the publication of this article) was the following.


Future Tense Central: Here

D-Vasives website: Here

The Google Play store: Here


Attempted contact


I reached out to both Tiffany and John Clore for comment.


I have sent Tiffany an email at the email address provided and will update this spot if I receive a response back. I also attempted to call the provided number for Tiffany (469.236.9569) but it went straight to voice mail.


John Clore he said he couldn’t comment due to legal matters which is understandable. (I am looking forward to speaking to him at a later time, if he is willing, about what happened.)


Update 2:

I am attempting to email Lou Franco who according to this SEC document, was the President of D-Vasive when they signed the asset purchase agreement with MGT on May 9th 2016.


Final Thoughts

D-Vasive is a pretty good app, and there are frequent updates to fix and improve it. It will not stop CIA or NSA 0days that might pwn your android phone but it can be very useful for more likely scenarios. The whole event that unfolded between MGT and D-Vasive is still surrounded with questions and mystery. Will the app still be for purchase or will it die completely. What ever the final outcome, I will still be a fan and when Defcon comes around, you bet your ass ill install it on my phone.





I am not officially affiliated with anything MGT. Not with Demonsaw, D-Vasive or MGT. I have no motivation behind this article other than to find out what happened with D-Vasive. I do not hold any stock, I have no money or stake involved with these companies, there aren’t even ad’s on Teklordz.org. I have personally bought and used D-Vasive for a while.


Update 1 3/9/2017: Provided a backup video on vimeo just in case the one on youtube gets taken down

Update 2 3/9/2017: Made contact with Tiffany from MGT, statement coming soon. Attempting to email Lou Franco and invite him to give his side of the story.