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Best Online Computer Course Websites

Recently I have had some free time on my hands and wanted to learn some more programming and take a Computer Security class (Cyber Security is a more popular buzz word for Computer Security).  I will list out all the sites I found that provide both paid, free, and semi free courses. Lets get started….

New Writer

  “Hello World!” My username is Bl4ckNeon and this is my first introduction on I am happy to be writing here about anything and everything computer related. Some of my interests are the following: Crypto Currencies: Mainly Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) Computer Security: Anything from hacking to defending Privacy: Online and IRL Humor:…

Demonsaw – The future of information sharing

Demonsaw is a tool (application) that allows the sharing of information securely and anonymously. Please view the video below for more information. The Minds Panel Show: DemonSaw w/ founder Eijah

Tails 2.2 RC1: My review

Tails 2.2RC1 (1st release candidate) AKA  “The Amnesic Incognito Live System”  was available for download today. Yours truly downloaded the ISO image from the Softpedia website and created a bootable USB stick as well as a DVD.  On boot, you have the option to choose live or live/failsafe. Then, you are given more options such…

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