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Quick review: ZorinOS 12.1

This is a quick video review of the ZorinOS 12.1. Based on Ubuntu, this Linux operating system is ideal if you’re a Windows user and wish to transition to a Linux OS. It has the look and feel of Windows but it’s much more secure. You can even try this operating system before installing it….

Linux Kodachi 3.7 review

I just finished testing Linux Kodachi 3.7 and i am quite impressed on the results. This 64 bit Linux OS is probably one of the most secure distros i have ever tested. Based on the solid Debian 8.6 with a heavily modified XFCE desktop environment, it can be used to ensure total anonymity while browsing…

Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa XFCE review

This is my review of linux Mint 17.3 Rosa XFCE. This is the ideal operating system for someone who wants to switch from Windows to Linux. 1.3Gb is the download size. The easy way to install is to burn the ISO file on a blank DVD and make sure that the boot sequence of your…

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