This writer has encountered more and more websites that are using a Javascript which forces visitors to “white list” their website, or to deactivate Adblocker software in their browser in order to read the content. The last site i wanted to visit had the following notice:
Screenshot from 2016-03-11 15-26-47
I have said this before: I don’t care how websites make their money, but i will not allow anyone or any website, to impose their will on me. If i have Adblock plus installed on my browser, it’s my business. I know this will sound like a mad rant, but i’m getting fed up with these attempts by websites owners to dictate their terms. In my book, only a minority of people are using Adblock Plus while browsing the internet.

I will seriously think about this problem and try to come up with a solution, maybe an anti-script that deactivates those nasty notices.  The first website where i encountered this Javascript was on forbes.com .  For me, all the websites who are using this script are on my blacklist and i have no problems letting the owners/operators of these websites know that i fully disagree with this practice.

* To bypass this, you can use the wget command in terminal IE : $ wget insert_link_here
You can then go to where the downloaded html page is, and open it with your browser without closing your adblock software


~ teklordz