Minds.com is an open-source social media platform with many innovations. Peer-to-peer marketing is one of its most interesting features. Users can earn points through regular social activity and then use those points to boost posts. Minds allows users to sell points to each other through Paypal or credit card.
One feature that can enhance the Minds points program is the ability to buy/sell them for bitcoin. Here are the benefits.

#1 Privacy


Minds is a platform that values privacy. One main distinction that separates Minds from other social media sites is its ability to encrypt private messages.

The problem with Paypal and credit cards is that they’re not very private. Bitcoin transactions don’t require your ID or home address. Allowing users to exchange points for bitcoins adds a payment option designed for privacy.

#2 Easy to Integrate

The Minds platform already has an integrated bitcoin wallet so the fit seems natural. Bitcoin transactions are instant which would speed up withdrawal times.

Users would be encouraged to use their bitcoin wallet more frequently. An increased use in bitcoin would encourage members to tip each other.

#3 Attract Bitcoin Enthusiasts

bitcoinBitcoin has a very passionate community and it would attract more of them to switch over to Minds. The philosophy of Bitcoin and Minds is similar because they both value cryptography and peer-to-peer systems.