Month: <span>January 2016</span>

GUFW firewall for Ubuntu

When installing Ubuntu on your computer, the firewall is present but disabled. Here’s a little tutorial on how to install and configure the strongest firewall available for Linux. Most Ubuntu users do not need a firewall since by default Ubuntu does not open ports that can introduce security issues. This writer strongly suggests to install…

Ubuntu Studio: For the multimedia enthusiast

Ubuntu Studio is a variant of the Ubuntu OS and it is designed for audio, video and graphic enthusiasts as well as professionals. For audio, visit this page to find out more on all the apps already installed in that distro of Linux. For graphics applications, visit this page. For video applications, visit this page….

How to choose the perfect Linux distro

Yours truly has been a Linux user for the past 20 years. Sometimes, people ask me what Linux distribution they should use as beginners. Well, this is a question that is sometimes hard to answer because there are many factors to consider.  There are more than 600 different Linux distributions out there, so choosing might…

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