I just finished testing Linux Kodachi 3.7 and i am quite impressed on the results. This 64 bit Linux OS is probably one of the most secure distros i have ever tested. Based on the solid Debian 8.6 with a heavily modified XFCE desktop environment, it can be used to ensure total anonymity while browsing the web. Included applications are the Tor browser as well as the Kodachi web browser (Firefox Tor based). This distro is meant to be run live only. It is not recommended to install directly on the HD of your computer but it can be done with the Refracta Installer (Apps/System//Refracta Installer). Booting from a USB key is ideal for this Linux distribution.

Other tools are also available like the Kodachi VPN or you have the possibility to setup your own VPN. This writer has not been able to determine if logs were present for the free Kodachi VPN so setting up your own might be a better option.

Tor tools that allows the user to choose exit nodes by country.

The “Panic room” is also available…

System info is live directly on the desktop IE the VPN IP adress, Mac address, Tor IP, CPU usage, memory, traffic data, etc.

Other applications include FileZilla, Transmission, VirtualBox, Audacity, Truecrypt, and many more. A full Libre Office is also available.

This distro is ideal if you need to be totally anonymous on internet. I highly recommend it.

~ teklordz